Musicality Playlist: Pugliese

Int B Playlist: Carlos Di Sarli

This playlist covers the main arc of Di Sarli’s long career from his sextet recording in the late 1920s to his grand instrumentals from the mid 1950s. This is all high quality dance music. Di Sarli featured many great vocalists over the years, and continued to record lovely instrumentals until the end of his career.

Int B Playlist: Ricardo Tanturi

This playlist focuses on the orchestra of Ricardo Tanturi, with instrumentals, and songs featuring his two best known vocalists, Alberto Castillo and Enrique Campos. This music is generally rhythmic, but it is very interesting to see how much the vocalist can influence the feeling of the music. Tanturi’s vocalists give dancers a lot to work with.

Int B Playlist: Rhythmic Orchestras

Beginners Class Playlist